Design of specialist test rigs.

Our expertise and experience has provided unique design solutions for our customers.  We have designed test rigs that are used in wind tunnels, acoustic, and environmental test chambers.


The rigs are designed to meet the customer requirements whether it be high pressure, high temperature (sometimes both) or high velocity jet conditions.


A few examples are:


  • 3 axis adjusting table for aero test rig.


  • High pressure optical combustion chamber.


  • 5m traverse structure in noise research facility.


  • Microphone traverse structure in anechoic chamber.


  • Pressurised test rig.

  • Multi axis positioning table for Acoustic test chamber.

  • Low speed projectile rig.

Installation design for R & D test facilities.

We have been involved with many design installations for a  multitude of aero and research test rigs over the years, most of them at the former RAE Farnborough/Pyestock. Responsible for the design of all approach ductwork and aero thermal instrumentation to measure accurate air flow and test conditions at engine inlet.


More recently we designed a jet rig for the University of Southampton, environmental test chamber for QinetiQ and a low noise airfoil test rig.


A few examples are:


  • Trent 500 Altitude installation.


  • BR710 & 715 Altitude installation.


  • WR21 Marine gas Turbine Test facility.


  • University of Southampton Jet test rig.

Stress analysis


​We have the knowledge and capability to undertake structural, dynamic and thermal problems.


We offer our services using a combination of either classical or finite element techniques.

We can assist with existing design issues, or by simply using our experience to deliver a more cost effective design solution up front, giving a substantial financial saving.


A written report is supplied to all customers illustrating supporting calculations, images, videos, and most importantly a conclusion to clearly state the findings from the study and any remedial action that may be required.


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